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Melvin Sokolsky: when fashion photography becomes art

Melvin Sokolsky: when fashion photography becomes art


Melvin Sokolsky born in New York in 1938, begins to engage in photography since the age of ten using the camera’s father.

A great passion, combined with a thin inventive genius are the qualities that, since the beginning, have driven the search for this photographer.

He began his career in 21 years as a fashion photographer for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Free training academic, Sokolsky is guided only by his intuition and creativity that led him to experiments completely original and personal.

“My approach was totally instinctive, all I had to offer was my irreverence. “ His expressive freedom leads him to revolutionize fashion photography, transforming a portrait patinated and static in a single, original.

Among the most famous shots of the photographer is the series “Bubble”, realized by Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazaar’s spring collection 1963. These works help to make the artist a pioneer in the search for spaces, environments and dream images that raise fashion photography to real artistic creation.

For this series, indeed, Sokolsky achieves a kind of trompe l’oeil: the models are encased in Plexiglas bubbles that soar through the streets of Paris.

The women are dressed bodies protected and pristine, are air, light, anthropomorphic icons floating in the air. The result is a masterpiece, a sublimation photo traditional fashion, where erupt echoes of great artists such as Bosch and Dali. The same Sokolsky admits he was influenced, for this series, from “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Bosch.

Visionary, surreal, innovative, Sokolsky ha sfidato le convenzioni estetiche del mondo pubblicitario, creating commercial images that represent much more than the clothes they must advertise, enough to believe his shots of works of art.


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