"La bellezza non è rara." ( J. Luis Borges)

The sumptuous feminine Nina Surel

The sumptuous feminine Nina Surel

Nina Surel, The understory, 2011

Nina Surel, The understory, 2011

Nina Surel was born in Buenos Aires in 1971, but resides in Miami, unlike American cities, in perfect balance between its endless beaches and skyscrapers Spaziante.

Nina is the exemplar of the most innovative and cutting-edge artists Miamians: immigrant ten years ago that, betting on a city still sleepy and lazy, now are finding reason for their chance. Nomad, worldly and “trendy”, Miami is the perfect place to give effect to the vocations of expression of this particular artist argentina, that was able to integrate its Latin culture to creativity sumptuous, multicultural and trendy city.

And thanks to a previous edition of Art Basel Miami Beach (BMB), international exhibition of established and emerging artists, Nina Surel began to be followed and to find, in recent years, some appreciation in the contemporary art world.

Are only female figures, from child to adult woman, those represented by Surel: size figures made with mixed media.

“The material that I use for my creations I find it in very old company in Buenos Aires. For the rest, I take what fashion has decided to do without. These paintings are part of me, born from me, of my way to watch the women. “

Nina uses, indeed, a wide range of techniques, from photo to painting, until the collage of lace, buttons, shells, china and jewelry, which are fixed to the support through several layers of transparent resin. Come to life, so, work multi-material, filled with objects of various nature, that are reassembled and replenished to create representations timeless, almost suspended in light of the dream: fragments of poetry set in the materiality of the composition.

Women of Surel seem icons that stand out in the canvas: eternal but furniture in their composure and be reflected in the light and compositional structure.

In his works can be read echoes of the great art of the past: the Piero della Francesca, to Preraffaelliti, for purity and harmony of figuration, as far as Klimt and Viennese Secession the decorative richness. The decoration is never, but, too abundant; it always remains within the canons of elegance and measure: are refined and fabulous women universe of Nina, combine grace and aesthetic refinement to a sincerity and depth of feeling. It almost seems that the objects, so differently combined, bear with them the memories of their past use, suggesting habits and traditions of the past oldest. Precisely for this are works that fascinate, of great emotional impact and emotional, where these objects take on an almost haunting power and esoteric.

In recent years the artist has started a particular search that combines the portrait to landscape, creating a unique narrative between the figures and the scene in which they move. “Understory” is the title of this extensive series of works and refers to the underworld where his representations come to life. Undergrowth that is not only a physical but is, above, a symbolic place, where are investigated, through their figuration, psychological states related to the state of the human conscious and unconscious.

She Email, indeed, portrays women in the act of staging their fantasies, their disguises and innermost desires, so frequently repressed in social reality that determines what is permissible and what is forbidden. For these paintings has decided to lend their image portrayed differently and disguised, implementing a sort of journey into the mirror to investigate the true identity of the woman free from any stereotype or identity model. The artist thus to be the symbol of the changing and mysterious female universe, by implementing, through the mise en scène of the undergrowth, liberation from instincts more hidden and recondite.

For the first time Nina Surel exhibits in Italy, choosing as location the historic Napoleonic Fortino in Forte dei Marmi. From 4 July to 5 August will be possible to admire from near its original production.

Nina Surel, Flora y Fauna, 2011

Nina Surel, Flora and Fauna, 2011

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