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What we talk about when we talk about art?

What we talk about when we talk about art?

Parmigianino, Autoritratto entro uno specchio convesso, 1524

Parmigianino, Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror, 1524

The term “Art”, as we understand it, finds its origin in 800: it is the product of a refined intellectual and cultural synthesis, referring to figurative and, partly, Also the art of word. And’ an abstract term that denotes the phenomenon art as something separate and distinct from the material reality, relegating the sphere most sublime and idealistic spirit. This connotation was completely foreign to the ancients who used the word ars in the more technical sense of “be able to do”: arts were they conceived as purely craft activities and reproducible, completely divorced from the idea of “genius” that will come only in the Romantic era.

In the ancient world, therefore, there is an abstract idea of ​​art, but it comes to the arts as specific practical skills and manuals, fruit of teachings and codified rules. With this in no way to say that the ancients did not know what is the art, in fact they had a reference system different from ours and did not have a general name, the aesthetic value, for artistic activity as a whole.

Over the centuries, the terminology of art making is changed depending on the aims and cultural patterns of reference: variations in lexical match deep theoretical differences, in a play of exclusions and inclusions of what should be included or not in the arts. When we speak of art, then, let’s talk about something that is the result of reflection and judgment: the product of history and criticism. But who decides what is art and what is the value of art? Art becomes such only surrendering to the time, namely through the attribution of value multigenerational. The sign contingent becomes so absolute symbol and top of a reality that transcends the social, cultural and historical heritage that has generated. This assignment of meaning is permitted by art form that has a life of its own, an expressive capacity that, in its most excellent, avoid being absorbed by the different orders of reality, even though the feed, and to fit in a size immortal.

The artwork in fact win the space and time, is a kind of eternal promise. The artists produce work that has a resistance material, as well as spiritual, much longer in our lives.

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